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Latest Tips: Transforming MSMEs in the Current Digitalization Era in West Kalimantan

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Latest Tips: Transforming MSMEs in the Current Digitalization Era in West Kalimantan. (Inidata.id)
Latest Tips: Transforming MSMEs in the Current Digitalization Era in West Kalimantan. (Inidata.id)

Inidata.id - The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperatives (KUKM) of West Kalimantan Province held a Regional Coordination Meeting for the Field of KUMKM in West Kalimantan in 2022 at the Orchardz Perdana Hotel, Pontianak, Thursday (28/7/2022).

This Coordination Meeting on KUMKM aims to build and increase synergy between the Province and the Regency/City and the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of the Republic of Indonesia in the context of economic development related to the implementation and planning of Central and Regional activity programs at the Provincial and Regency/City levels as well as fostering and collecting data on Cooperatives and SMEs.

This activity was also attended and opened directly by the Daily Executive (Plh) of the Regional Secretary of West Kalimantan Province Ignasius, the Governor's Expert Staff for Development and Economics, the Head of the West Kalimantan Province Cooperatives and SMEs Service, represented by the Secretary of Cooperatives and SMEs Ari Sulistiani and the Head of OPD/Official in charge of Cooperatives and MSMEs in all regencies/cities throughout West Kalimantan.

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Acting Secretary of the West Kalimantan Province, Ignasius said, this coordination meeting was a strategic momentum in order to accelerate the development and strengthening of higher quality Cooperatives and MSMEs in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"I hope that the presence of Cooperatives can show their role in supporting regional and national policies as the main pillar of the economy," said Ignasius today in Pontianak City.

Economic Strength

As a counterweight to economic power, Cooperatives play a role in encouraging the emergence of a low-cost economy, by promoting technical, applicable and social efficiency. This condition is very necessary in the face of increasingly fierce business competition, especially those that come from larger business forces, and dominate in markets and prices.

Cooperatives must be able to continue to play their role, especially in improving the quality of cooperative development. This is also inseparable from the planning and policies provided for the development of the Cooperative itself which is based on the Principles of Family and Joint Business.

He added that the existence of Cooperatives as a business entity is an institution that is able to advance the business of the community through its membership in order to realize the welfare of the people evenly.


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