How to Grow Pontianak City's Economy Sustainably

- Minggu, 31 Juli 2022 | 22:11 WIB
How to Grow Pontianak City's Economy Sustainably. (
How to Grow Pontianak City's Economy Sustainably. ( - Pontianak Mayor Edi Rusdi Kamtono appreciates the performance of many parties who have succeeded and worked hard to make Kampong Melayu BML selected into the top 50 nominations for ADWI 2022.

He explained, Kampong Melayu BML set aside more than 3,500 other tourist villages in Indonesia.

"The opportunity for BML to enter the 20 best nominations is also great. But it doesn't just stop here, in the next year we will continue to accompany universities to provide education for local residents," he said, who accompanied Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno on a working visit to Pontianak City, West Kalimantan, Sunday 31 July 2022.

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The facilities and infrastructure at the waterfront are considered to have been supportive. It's just a matter of improving the quality by making people aware of tourism awareness.

"I'm sure if the community welcomes everyone who comes, it will add value to the sale as well," he said.

Mayor Edi is optimistic that Kampong Melayu BML will win the top 20 nominations for ADWI 2022. Several prizes will be received if Kampong Melayu BML such as additional budget from the Central Government and assistance.

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"The most important thing is to grow the economy, both in Pontianak City and around it sustainably," he said.

The day before, the ADWI 2022 Assessment Team had conducted an assessment at all points prepared by the committee, in this case the relevant agencies along with academics, the Head of the West Kalimantan HPI DPD and the community who were members of the Kampong Melayu BML Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis).***

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