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Latest Tips: How to Invite Youth to Love and Spirit of Peace in Pluralism in West Kalimantan

- Kamis, 21 Juli 2022 | 22:27 WIB
Latest Tips: How to Invite Youth to Love and Spirit of Peace in Pluralism in West Kalimantan. (Inidata.id)
Latest Tips: How to Invite Youth to Love and Spirit of Peace in Pluralism in West Kalimantan. (Inidata.id)

Inidata.id - As a form of education to the younger generation about the love of the homeland and understanding of radicalism and terrorism in West Kalimantan, the West Kalimantan Province Coordination Forum for Terrorism Prevention (FKPT) held an Indonesian Youth Expression activity involving Youth in the Prevention of Radicalism and Terrorism in the BPSDM Hall of West Kalimantan Province, Thursday ( 21/7/2022).

The Deputy Governor of West Kalimantan, Ria Norsan, was present at the same time as opening activities aimed at building the spirit of nationalism and nationalism, as well as having an understanding of Pancasila in the community, especially for young people in West Kalimantan.

"The West Kalimantan Provincial Government appreciates this activity to provide nationalist ideas to the younger generation so that they are not exposed to the notion of terrorism and radicalism in the community," said Deputy Governor Ria Norsan.

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The rapid advancement of technology can bring both good and bad impacts in a heterogeneous society.

The role of youth is very important to jointly maintain the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia and nationalist understanding, where the state ideology, namely Pancasila, must be nurtured from an early age. Actions that threaten the spirit of nationalism have become a serious concern for all elements of the nation, including the government, the world of education, and institutions that observe the spirit of nationalism.

"A lot of intolerant groups target the younger generation through social media. This group is still vulnerable because they are at a time when they can capture and develop reason, so that intolerant ideas can be infiltrated," said Deputy Governor Ria Norsan.

Peace and Tolerance

To prevent this, the government will prioritize the prevention of radicalism and terrorism from an early age through strengthening civic education by using several consensus, namely the 1945 Constitution, the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, and Bhineka Tunggal Ika.


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