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Building Civilization: How to Glue the Harmony of the Sintang Ethnic Community of West Kalimantan

- Kamis, 21 Juli 2022 | 20:07 WIB
Building Civilization: How to Glue the Harmony of the Sintang Ethnic Community of West Kalimantan. (Inidata.id)
Building Civilization: How to Glue the Harmony of the Sintang Ethnic Community of West Kalimantan. (Inidata.id)

Inidata.id - Youth from various ethnicities in Sintang Regency, West Kalimantan agreed to form a forum to maintain inter-ethnic community harmony. The forum that brings together the ethnic groups in Sintang is called the Cross-Ethnic Youth Council (DPLE).

Dedy Suripto, one of the DPLE declarators from the Sebayu DPD Ormas Command Army, explained that currently the forum has brought together as many as 10 major ethnic groups in Sintang.

In the future, he continued, his party will also embrace youths from other ethnicities to join DPLE. He also added that in the near future, DPLE will hold joint activities to strengthen ties of kinship between ethnic youth.

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'Previously we have been in communication with the youth leaders of the Sintang ethnicity. Currently, there are 10 ethnic groups, namely Dayak, Malay, Chinese, Javanese, Bugis, Sundanese, Ambonese, Batak, Minang, and Madurese. In the future, we will embrace other youth organizations and make a joint program on October 28 in the form of cultural festival activities, national dialogue, and other social activities. This is the first step to unite all ethnic youth organizations in Sintang so that they are more harmonious," he said after the DPLE Declaration at the Sintang Regent's Hall, Thursday (21/7/2022).

Regional Inspiration

The High Council of West Kalimantan DPLE, Guntur Perdana, said that Sintang Regency was the first area to be formed by the DPLE. It is hoped that the formation of the DPLE can inspire other regions to participate in forming the same forum.

After being officially formed, Guntur hopes that DPLE will be able to play a role in creating a tolerant and respectful Sintang society. Guntur also hopes that DPLE can be a silencer for conflicts, especially those that have the potential to damage inter-ethnic harmony.

Sintang is the first area to be formed by the DPLE forum so that Sintang is an example for other regions. This organization is a partner of the regional government and the TNI/Polri in creating and maintaining inter-ethnic harmony.

"In the future, all conflicts, commotions or inter-ethnic miscommunications can be muffled and resolved wisely within the DPLE organization so that there is no need for legal settlement. Except for very serious conflicts that can lead to death and that must go through a legal process in the police," he said.


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