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ANTARA Talkshow: Network Limitations Become a Digital Challenge for Journalists

- Jumat, 22 Juli 2022 | 19:12 WIB
ANTARA Talkshow: Network Limitations Become a Digital Challenge for Journalists.
ANTARA Talkshow: Network Limitations Become a Digital Challenge for Journalists.

Inidata.id - The current mainstream media is needed for the wide dissemination of information. This is important, in order to educate people from the city to remote villages.

So, for this reason, the Head of the Informatics Application Division of the West Kalimantan Diskominfo, Sofiarti Dyah Angginia, appreciated LKBN Antara for organizing the Antara talkshow, regarding Network Limitations as a Digital Challenge for Journalists.

He reminded that the role of fellow journalists is very important in disseminating information to the public, especially in West Kalimantan.

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"This is very much in line with our function at Kominfo, where we together play a major role in disseminating information that is needed by the community, according to our respective roles," he said as reported by Antara. At the LKBN Antara Kalbar title together with West Kalimantan journalists, this is certainly interesting. The West Kalimantan Diskominfo received inputs that could later be taken into consideration and will certainly be followed up, especially related to internet signal and electricity problems.

"We will also coordinate with the offices in charge of energy, resources and electricity, in this case human resources," he said.

Currently, he said, there is a government program related to solar electricity by cooperating with parties who are indeed competent in that regard. Because to establish an internet network in an area can not be separated from the availability of electricity.

Through the program, Kominfo hopes that electricity can be installed in every village that cannot be electrified by PLN. And with electricity, it will be easier to procure telecommunications network infrastructure.

"We also continue to encourage the procurement of telecommunications infrastructure, one of which is for rural areas by cooperating with the district/city government and the ministry in charge of this," he said.


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