The Young Regent's Style Conveys Three Raperda Proposals to the Kubu Raya Legislature

- Kamis, 4 Agustus 2022 | 19:36 WIB
The Young Regent's Style Conveys Three Raperda Proposals to the Kubu Raya Legislature. (
The Young Regent's Style Conveys Three Raperda Proposals to the Kubu Raya Legislature. ( - The executive or the Kubu Regency Government has submitted three proposals for the Draft Regional Regulation (Raperda) to the legislature or the Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) of Kubu Raya Regency, West Kalimantan.

The proposals for the three regional regulations for Kubu Raya Regency were delivered directly by the Regent of Kubu Raya Muda Mahendrawan at the plenary meeting of the Kubu Raya DPRD, at the Kubu Raya DPRD Office, Thursday (4/8/2022).

The three Raperda submitted by the Young Regent to the Kubu Raya DPRD included the Raperda on Capital Participation of the Kubu Raya Regency Government in the Tirta Raya Water Supply Company, the Raperda for the Establishment of Kumpai Raya Sub-district and the Raperda for the Establishment of Teluk Air Sub-district.

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On that occasion the Young Regent conveyed that the Regional Regulation (Perda) is an instrument for administering regional government which has a strategic position, because it is constitutionally regulated in Article 18 paragraph (6) of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia. Regional Regulations are the elaboration of laws and regulations. - The invitation for its formation must be based on the provisions of the legislation. So that it can be used as a legal umbrella in providing legal certainty for development in Kubu Raya Regency.

"Based on this, the three Raperda are proposed to the Regional People's Representative Council for discussion," said the Young Regent Mahendrawan.

The Young Regent said that the proposal for the three Raperda was based on considerations, including, based on the report on the results of the BPK RI examination Number 25.B/LHP/XIX/PNK/05/2021 dated May 5, 2021, the Kubu Raya Regency Government in 2020.

There are assets that are used by Perumda Water Drinking but are still recorded in the KIB of the Public Works and Spatial Planning, Public Housing and Settlement Areas, so it is necessary to hand over assets to PERUMDA Water Drinking through Equity Participation.

Then to complete the document in order to participate in the Urban Drinking Water Grant Program for Fiscal Year 2023 in the form of a document of the Regional Government Equity Participation in BUMD that administers SPAM (Drinking Water Supply System) according to a letter from the Directorate of Drinking Water, Directorate General of Human Settlements, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing Number PR .0101-Ca/147 dated April 14, 2022 regarding the Selection of Interest in the Drinking Water Grant Program in the State Budget for the 2023 FY.

"Furthermore, to support the performance of the Perumda Water Drinking Tirta Raya in the context of optimizing services to the community in meeting the community's basic needs for clean and healthy water. aims for the community, and is healthy,” said the Regent Muda.

Community Service

Then the Young Regent said the formation of the sub-district aims to improve services to the community, carry out government functions and empower the community so as to provide convenience, speed in public services and services in other areas of government.

"The formation of sub-districts as stipulated in Article 3 paragraph (3) of Government Regulation Number 17 of 2018 concerning Districts, is stipulated by Regional Regulations," said the Young Regent.

The Young Regent explained that the formation of the Kumpai Raya Sub-district which is an expansion of the Sungai Raya District, and the Teluk Air District which is a division of the Batu Ampar District.


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