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Shipwreck, Three Fishermen Rescued by Basarnas Pontianak

- Sabtu, 6 Agustus 2022 | 20:05 WIB
Shipwreck, Three Fishermen Rescued by Basarnas Pontianak.  (Inidata.id)
Shipwreck, Three Fishermen Rescued by Basarnas Pontianak. (Inidata.id)

Inidata.id - Three fishermen from North Kayong Regency, West Kalimantan experienced an unfortunate incident.

The canoe used by the three sank while setting a trawl at the estuary of Teluk Batang, North Kayong Regency.

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Head of Pontianak SAR Office Yopi Haryadi said the evacuation process was safe and smooth.

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"The incident took place quickly after receiving an immediate report from the Rescue team of the Kayong Utara standby unit, who immediately went to the location and evacuated. Alhamdulillah, the victim was rescued," Yopi Haryadi said today.

Yopi added that all of the victims were in good health after the three fishermen from the sinking canoe were evacuated for health checks and then handed over to family members.

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The following is the victim's data:

1.Wadi (41/ Male)
2.Eni Ernawati (36/ Female)
3.Suhardi (28/Male).***

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