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64th Anniversary, Pangdam XII/Tanjungpura: Let's Work

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64th Anniversary, Pangdam XII/Tanjungpura: Let's Work. (Inidata.id)
64th Anniversary, Pangdam XII/Tanjungpura: Let's Work. (Inidata.id)

Inidata.id - As a series of peaks for commemorating the 64th Birthday, Kodam XII/Tanjungpura held a thanksgiving event which took place in Sudirman Hall, Makodam XII/Tanjungpura.

The thanksgiving ceremony was led by Pangdam XII/Tanjungpura Major General Sulaiman Agusto, with the theme: Together with the People, Building the Nation.

The simple thanksgiving ceremony was attended by Kasdam XII/Tanjungpura Brigadier General TNI Djauhari, other key officials of Kodam XII/Tpr, Dansat and Kabalak ranks of Kodam XII/Tpr as well as the Chair and Management of Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana Region XII/Tpr.

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The celebration was marked by the cutting of the cone by Pangdam XII/Tpr accompanied by the Chairperson of Persit KCK Region XII/Tpr, Helly Sulaiman Agusto. The tumpeng pieces were handed over to Sergeant (K) Ni Putu Irma and Sergeant (K) Mery Ananda. Sergeant (K) Ni Putu Irma is an outstanding soldier, a gold medal winner at the XX Papua PON parachuting sport. Meanwhile, Serda (K) Mery Ananda won the bronze medal at XX Papua PON Fencing.

On this occasion, Retired Graduations were also held for Lieutenant Colonel (K) Caj Purn Elsieh and Major Inf Retired Akmat Khusni, who this month ended their service or retired. For the dharma of service so far, to the two of them, TNI Major General Sulaiman Agusto gave a certificate of appreciation and souvenirs.

TNI Major General Sulaiman Agusto said that the anniversary of Kodam XII/Tpr this year was carried out in a simple manner. He emphasized, the age of 64 years is not a young age. At this age is expected to be more mature in every action.

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"Therefore, in the future, let's work even better. Full of responsibility than before," he said.


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