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Captain Samson: The Phenomenal KKP Skipper Who Caught a Thousand Fishing Boats

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Samson, the Phenomenal KKP skipper Who Caught a Thousand Fishing Boats. (PSDKP )
Samson, the Phenomenal KKP skipper Who Caught a Thousand Fishing Boats. (PSDKP )

Inidata.id - The Supervision Vessel of KKP Shark Tiger 01, which was captained by Captain Samson, made a phenomenal record after successfully catching two foreign fishing vessels from Vietnam some time ago. With this success, Samson, who has worked at the KKP for 18 years, has recorded 1,001 fishing boats for illegal fishing in Indonesian seas.

This achievement deserves appreciation because despite the limitations during the pandemic, the guardians of marine and fishery resources continue to work hard to protect marine and fishery resources from illegal fishing and fishing practices.

The Director General of Marine and Fishery Resources Supervision, Rear Admiral TNI Adin Nurawaluddin, welcomed and awarded the title of respect to the skipper and the entire crew of the Tiger Shark 01 supervisory ship who entered the Kapuas River Estuary to bring 2 Vietnamese fishing boats to Pontianak PSDKP Station for further legal proceedings.

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"On Thursday, July 28, 2022, I am the Director General of PSDKP, Rear Admiral TNI Adin Nurawaluddin directly welcomed and paid respects to the ranks of the Tiger Shark 01 surveillance ship, which was captained by Captain Samson and 17 crew members of the Supervisory Vessel," said Adin

Adin said that Captain Samson as the captain of the Tiger Shark Monitoring Ship 01 had succeeded in capturing a total of 1,001 KIA. The last arrest was carried out in an operation conducted in North Natuna waters on Sunday (24/7) afternoon local time. The operation degree is a follow-up to the information received from the community regarding the existence of KIA carrying out illegal fishing in the waters of North Natuna.

The persistence of personnel in the field as well as the very high attention of the leadership in the KKP in eradicating illegal fishing are evidence of the presence of the State in the Natuna Sea and other border areas.

"We continue to monitor and safeguard marine and fishery resources to ensure the rights of our fishermen in an orderly manner, so that in the end local fishermen can prosper," said Adin.

Furthermore, the Director General of PSDKP Adin ensured that the Vietnamese-flagged foreign fishing vessel would be further prosecuted to provide a deterrent effect for the perpetrators of illegal fishing.


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