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Boosting PAD: Pontianak City Government Evaluation of Financial Management

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Boosting PAD: Pontianak City Government Evaluation of Financial Management (Inidata.id)
Boosting PAD: Pontianak City Government Evaluation of Financial Management (Inidata.id)

Inidata.id - The Mayor of Pontianak, Edi Rusdi Kamtono said that his party was trying to boost Pontianak City's Original Regional Revenue (PAD).
The Pontianak City Government (Pemkot) in this case the Regional Finance Agency (BKD) of Pontianak City is expected to be able to absorb more PAD through levies and local taxes.

“The factions generally want an increase in the performance of the Pontianak City BKD. In addition, there are requests for repairs to public facilities such as street lights and others,” he explained after delivering a speech in response to the general views of the factions in the Plenary Meeting Room of the Pontianak City DPRD, West Kalimantan.

A tactical and comprehensive evaluation will also be carried out to improve regional financial management by strengthening budget assistance during the verification process of the Work Plan and Budget (RKA) and Regional Work Units (SKPD).

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"The Pontianak City Government is also very concerned about the realization of the APBD so that it does not accumulate at the end of the year by forming a Budget Realization Evaluation and Monitoring Team (Tepra)," he explained.

In the last six months, the PAD assumption in Pontianak City has decreased. Therefore, continued Edi, the Pontianak City Government agreed with the faction's view to eradicate poverty, reduce unemployment and support MSMEs in Pontianak City.

"So the economic growth in Pontianak City is in a positive trend," he said.

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Edi emphasized the commitment of the Pontianak City Government in improving services to the people of Pontianak City. He added that so far the vision and mission of Pontianak City would not be realized without the cooperation of all parties, from the department to the council.


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